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A Brief History

History of GE Forge & Tool ®

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Beth Garner - Owner: 1973-1993

In 1946, George Earnest setup a small shop

In Klamath Falls, Oregon, to fill requests for custom-made horseshoeing tools. One farrier told another about nippers that cut better and lasted longer than any others, and the enterprise grew.

The business has changed ownership and location several times since, but the tools that are named for George Earnest still make the shoer’s work easier and hold up better under hard use than all the rest.

Our pledge to our customers is to continue this tradition of excellence, combining the craftmanship of skilled hands with modern methods and machinery, to produce superior tools.

Since 1973, the Garner family has owned and operated G.E. Forge & Tool®. During this time, they have developed and produced many industry leading products. This tradition is continuing into its third generation with no end in sight. Our high quality staff aim to give you the customer service and quality product you deserve.

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