The Cutting Edge Evolution

Today, tool manufacturing is undergoing a cutting edge evolution. This is thanks in part to new technologies that allow for more precise and efficient production. Additionally, manufacturers are constantly striving to create new and improved designs that offer better performance and durability. As a result, the tools of today are more advanced than ever before.

Sharpening Advancements

  • Nippers are finely honed on a precise sharpening jig 
  • Included blade angle tolerance of +/- half a degree on every nipper 
  • Jig keeps blades straight and true, increasing strength and wear resistance 
  • Each cut is even, flat and effortless


Heat Treat Advancements

  • Superior heat induction brings blades to ideal austenitizing temperature 
  • Temperature monitoring lasers 
  • Agitated oil quench, holding temperatures at +/- 2 degrees.


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The Cutting Edge Evolution